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  • Becky Sage

Sage, Search & Sell: service focused estate agency

A new year like any fresh start is a time to reflect, consider, refine and improve. 2021 was an interesting year on every level, unprecedented in so many ways, not least the chronic under-supply in the property market. Great for sellers but deeply frustrating for buyers, keen to move but with competition and low supply working against them.

Over the Christmas period I've reflected on the extraordinary business year I've had and have been busy planning the year ahead. During the last year I've met so many homes, and sellers eager to move, but fearful of going to market because they aren't seeing their onward home on the horizon. This in my opinion, is a significant part of the reason supply has been so very low.

Thinking laterally, I've devised a new service designed specifically with helping sellers to FIND BEFORE going to market; combining cutting edge technology with local knowledge and exceptional customer care, to build solid chains (the way we once did before the age of the property portal) and most importantly - getting you moved.

Contact us today to discuss this revolutionary approach to moving house, we are looking forward to helping you realize your property dreams in 2022.

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