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Becky from Sage Residential

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Experience, Creativity & Honesty

For us a home is a great deal more than a house, and selling your home is both a privilege and a huge responsibility. We take a very human approach to house buying and selling, appreciating that we are selling more than just square feet. By taking time to understand your needs and motives, and those of prospective buyers we will ensure we do your beautifully crafted, much-loved home justice, and in doing so secure you the best buyer and the best possible price.


Our homes are (generally) our greatest asset, our prized possession, our sanctuary, our safe place. Therefore as a seller looking to market your home for sale, surely you want the agent to present the property in its very best light, efficiently sell its benefits, understand the complexities of your situation, and communicate effectively to ensure the transaction proceeds with the minimum of stress.

For us property is personal, and we provide a truly bespoke service to suit our client, their situation, and the property, while tracking market trends and customer demand to ensure we maximise your home’s potential and achieve the best possible result. We pride ourselves on local knowledge, alongside a refreshingly clear, customer-focused and consultative approach to selling your home.


Having made Uley our ‘home for life’ it seems only natural to be providing a service we love in an area we love even more, and look forward to serving our community for many years to come; if you are contemplating upsizing or downsizing, have a job or lifestyle change which demands a move, fancy a fresh start elsewhere, or are simply reviewing your options for the future we are here to help - why not get in touch for an informal chat?

Becky from Sage Residential
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