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Estate Agent Becky from Sage Residential, looking at marketing brochures

Market Ready

Waiting for your dream home to come to market?

This is where the chicken and the egg come in - particularly for those wanting to stay local or those who have very specific needs. You don’t want to secure a buyer until you have found your next home - but when the home of your dreams comes onto the market you need to be ready to act. Indeed in the current climate you may not even be permitted to view a future property until you have a buyer in place.


Here’s where we come in. Not only are we local people with an in-depth knowledge of the comings and goings of the village (and surrounding) but we are experts in what we do and understanding buyers needs. By having your home ‘Ready for Market’ not only do we have your commitment to selling to help us endorse you, should we get wind of a suitable property for you to buy - but if the house of your dreams does come onto the market, we are able to launch your home at the push of a button - saving valuable time and potentially putting you ahead of the competition.

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