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Becky Cotswold Estate Agent from Sage Residential

Found a buyer privately? What now?

Meet our negotiation and coordination only package

So you’ve found a buyer privately? Great stuff, but just be certain that everything has been crossed and dotted. When we piece a sale together we will financially qualify your buyer, we will also check that the agents in the chain have done their due diligence in this respect. We speak to the whole chain (where applicable) to ensure there are no potential issues and discuss time-frames, potentially negotiate further across the chain (should issues arise) and ensure as best we can that everything runs smoothly.


This ‘under the surface’ part of the sales process is more crucial than any other element, ask anyone who’s ever had a bad experience!


If you find yourself in this situation, speak to us about how we can help. Charges will vary according to the complexity of the chain, but it could prove invaluable.

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