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  • Becky Sage

The show (safely) goes on

So as we face another full lockdown, what does this mean for the property industry?

Currently experiencing a much needed uplift following the lockdown in spring - must everything now grind to another halt? No, thankfully estate agents are permitted to remain open, viewings and valuations can continue to take place, and the all important sales transactions and removals are still able to continue.

These are uncertain times indeed, but as with everything, effective communication is the linchpin. We have a fully compliant COVID policy, which is communicated to ALL parties in advance, ensuring buyers and sellers are at ease during meetings and everyone is kept safe.

Importantly we will continue to wear face coverings on all appointments, ensuring that prospective buyers also comply. No more than two households will enter a property on a single occasion, including our agent, and to limit risk, large family groups will be broken down into manageable groups.

Our ‘Hands in Pockets’ policy ensures that only the agent will touch any surface and these surfaces will be sanitised afterwards.

In addition to this, our agent and any prospective buyers accompanying, will have a no-contact temperature check before entering any property.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch. These are unprecedented times for everyone but with good communication, consideration and good old-fashioned hard work the show can go on, and brighter times are ahead.

Read our full COVID-Policy on our homepage.

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