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The show can (and will) go on

Covid cases are without a doubt on a sharp increase and it’s natural to be concerned about having people visiting your home, or about travelling to view. We are taking every recommended precaution – and more, to ensure we are healthy before meeting with customers. Furthermore we are ensuring the customers have a clean bill of health before entering a property. Do visit our homepage for a full run-down of our Covid strategy

The key factor here is that it’s a seller’s market, and Covid is one of the key triggers for the rise in demand! That, and the stamp duty holiday which currently expires on 31st March 2021. Therefore if you are hoping to sell in the near future, this is an important window of opportunity; and with the right strategy, not only is it possible but can be as safe as possible as well.

We now offer the most incredible 3D interactive virtual viewings, we don’t expect these to replace traditional viewings but they are a wonderful way of improving the quality of attended viewings (for all concerned). Furthermore if restrictions increase for a short period of time, the show can go on.

In addition to this, if you are vulnerable or simply concerned about personal contact – why not have a virtual valuation? Again, this can never replace an in-person meeting but it’s incredible what can be achieved using zoom and it’s good to chat and cover questions/concerns/advice.

These are strange times, but in order to thrive we need to adapt, and at Sage Residential we have taken every personal precaution, and utilised every tool available to make business as normal both efficient and functional.

Call to discuss further – 01453 860980.

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