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So many 'Firsts'

Selling 'The Pumps' meant so much both to me and the business, and I am so very grateful to the sellers for putting their trust in Sage Residential to represent them. This was our first listing, first sale and first completion; not an easy transaction by any means, but rewarding in so many ways - not least that both the buyers and sellers were an absolute delight to work with (and the fact that the property was so beautiful helped a bit as well!).

I couldn't have asked for a better property to launch Sage Residential, I hope this is the first of many historic village homes I have the opportunity to work with, I've learnt so much about the history of this beautiful village throughout the process.

Victoria, very kindly penned a few words about her experience selling with Sage Residential:

"Sage Residential have been nothing short of fabulous. Personal, professional and expert advice which has made all the difference to the house selling experience.
Having an estate agent you can rely on is an amazing asset, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Becky. Her input has been invaluable and her attention to detail second to none. Her thoughtful, considered and proactive approach took the pain out of the house selling process whilst ensuring everything kept moving - literally!
Choosing to sell through Sage Residential was absolutely the right decision, Becky’s commitment and depth of knowledge puts Sage Residential head and shoulders above others in the market".

If you would like to discuss our distinctly personal, consultative approach to property marketing, or any element of our business please do get in touch, 01453 860980

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