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  • Becky Sage

Savvy, Seasonal (Marketing) Strategies

Now that the balmy summer days are upon us, and we approach our official ‘Summer’, you may well ask – is this a good time to move house? It’s certainly a whole lot more enjoyable house hunting in the sunshine, gardens look prettier, rooms appear brighter, and functionally there are more daylight hours to conduct to viewings!

Traditionally summer ‘holiday-time’ is a slower time of year for the property market, with people taking leave (particularly during school holidays), although the last couple of years have turned this on it’s head! I anticipate this year however, with travel more readily available, we will see a return to this more traditional house-hunting pattern – but we shall see…

There has been a great deal of noise about a correction in the housing market in recent months, it’s hard to not consider this with all that is going on in our world; however what is clear to see is the demand for good-quality countryside properties remains as buoyant as before. With this in mind, it seems common-sense that elevated demand will continue, whether the kids are at school or not!

The best strategy during slightly slower times is to commence marketing with a longer lead into an open house event, whereby viewings are conducted at scheduled slots on a given day, back to back. Not only does this allow adequate time for those who are away to return for viewings, but it also means that you can prepare your home just the once, initially, for viewings – reducing the need to live in a ‘show-home’ while the kids are home!

Early and late summer are great times to consider getting your home ‘Market Ready’, photographed and prepared for market while the seasons can appear a little more generic and therefore your photography will date less. For example it’s best to avoid bold, seasonal flowers inside and out as it can date photography very quickly, equally bleak winter is hard to disguise.

The bottom-line is, if marketing is well-considered and a decent strategy is put in place, tailored to fit the property, seasonality, and your circumstances – right now there is no such thing as the ‘wrong’ time.

We’d be delighted to discuss our unique approach to marketing and your specific requirements, whether you are considering a move now or in the future: 01453 860980.

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