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  • Becky Sage

Playing the 'Long Game' (Planning, Preparation and Patience)

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a vast array of clients, each one of them on their own unique journey, sometimes joyous, sometimes sad.

As an ‘outsider looking in’, many of you will believe the role of an estate agent is simply to open a door at the beginning and hand over a key at the end. Those who’ve experienced poor estate agency often feel our role serves no purpose, while those who’ve experienced a challenging transaction and felt the benefit of exceptional service and support, think we are worth our weight in gold.

For more than 20 years I’ve been lucky to have worked entirely for independent estate agents, able to set their own standards rather than being overseen by a board worried about share-value and dividends over customer service. Now running my own independent business I can set the bar even higher, building the entire business around my core values, while remaining governed by the same code of practice and legislation as my corporate counterparts.

Moving house is a deeply personal experience and by taking a human, bespoke approach to each individual client and property we can guarantee you the best possible experience. Always professional, reliable and proactive we ensure you receive an exceptional service – tailored to meet your needs.

I don’t know whether it’s the very strange year we are all experiencing, the fact that I’m not getting any younger, or the fact that my own parents are facing some challenges this year but more than ever I believe that our role as agents is more consultative than sales-led. I read a paper earlier this week analysing the rapidly evolving field of conveyancing law resulting from lockdown, and the content directly reflected my beliefs about the corresponding evolution of estate agency.

As a result of Covid-19, so many people are making huge-decisions right now, feeling vulnerable during what has been a very unsettling year. Many are considering downsizing, others are thinking they should be nearer to family and loved ones – but many of these people have (like my parents) been in their homes for a VERY long time, with strong emotional ties.

I have helped clients make this transition when they have felt the time is right and have been physically and mentally able. Equally I have helped people who have ‘put it off’ until such time as they are forced to move, with far less control and find it a real struggle, and sadly these two scenarios can occasionally sit very closely together on a timeline.

These are the life-experiences which play a fundamental role in helping me to help my clients, yes I am paid to sell houses, but sometimes it’s simply about listening and understanding, which in turn helps clients make the right decision. I may give you my time and advice and this could result in you staying put for a while, but I hope that in time you will remember and appreciate that good, sound advice and at that point, when you are ready – I will win your business.

Being a truly local business and playing a vital role within my community means a great deal to me, do feel free to give me a call even if it’s for longer term advice rather than a short term ‘deal’ – I’m genuinely very happy to help.

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