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How much you pay? - you decide

In a normal year my birthday tends to pass by quietly, or they certainly have for about 15 years. I try to get excited, but find it much easier to get excited about other peoples birthdays than my own.

This year though is no normal year, I don’t know whether it’s because it’s been such an utterly rubbish year, or if it’s because it’s become such a significant year for our family – but I feel like running around waving my arms in the air. Clearly there are no big celebrations to be had, and should I run around waving my arms everyone will conclude I’ve lost my mind, so instead I’m focusing on my big-leap, Sage Residential.

Some might say I’m mad leaving employment and going it alone in such an uncertain climate, and I’ll agree it’s a risk. However people will continue to move house for all of the reasons they always have, some being even more driven because of the impact of this dreadful virus. What I am confident about, is the fact that our service standards are second to none and backed by fantastic marketing, what’s not to love?

So in addition to my crazy leap of faith, I’m adding a crazy-good, utterly irresistible birthday offer to show how much I believe in Sage Residential. For the remainder of October – any property we introduce to the market will pay only £750 in fees, PLUS whatever you feel the service you receive warrants, upon completion.

Such is my belief in our 5* service, I’m confident that you, the customer, will want to pay a fair fee – but this is within your control and not ours! Seeing clients CHOOSING to pay us rather than HAVING to would be the best birthday gift ever!

Call today for an informal chat, 01453 860980.

Offer runs 17th - 31st October 2020.

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