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  • Becky Sage

Evolution, thanks to Covid-19?

At a time where high street agents are working from socially-distanced desks, behind locked doors with customers only permitted to enter the premises by appointment, and if absolutely necessary, I feel incredibly lucky with my work situation. Yes, the business is relatively new and I’m working incredibly hard to establish a presence, you might argue that this could be achieved more quickly with a branded high street office to entice customers. However what lockdowns 1:0 and 2:0 have proven is that a physical office has absolutely no bearing on a large percentage of industries, estate agency included – with the exceptions perhaps of productivity and team morale?

For me, working from home has enabled me to be MORE productive as I can be flexible regarding my day and I make my working hours fit around my clients needs and my family. Today I’ve been out valuing all morning, returning in time for a late lunch and then a couple of hours admin’ curled up in my favourite spot with my lap top and cat to keep my feet warm.

In a short while the girls come home from school, I can take a little time to hear about each of their days before they want some wind down time, and I can pick up the remainder of my working day before it’s time for tea. I’m always at the end of the telephone and email, and if my load takes me into the evening or requires an early start – I’m already ‘in the office’.

I’m loving this flexibility, as are the children – they are even taking an interest in the job and are very efficient ‘board spotters’ now – noting which agents have won which properties and when they change from for sale to sold! I’m very fortunate to be able to be available to my customers and my family, and to be able to teach the girls from a young age about commitment and work ethic.

I sincerely hope that one positive to come from 2020 and Covid-19 is that workplaces will continue to evolve, allowing staff the flexibility to prioritise both work and family creating a happier balance, increased productivity and employee satisfaction. It’s certainly working for me so far… (and the cat is over the moon!)

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