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  • Becky Sage

A Time for Reflection and Change

So we are back to gatherings of 6, a wobble for everyone hopeful that things might be returning to ‘normal’. It’s hard to imagine normal as it once was – I sincerely hope that it will one day come, but I fear we are some way away right now.

The property marketing has been quite literally booming since the Stamp Duty holiday was announced, many are attributing this activity solely to the holiday (which can save you up to £15,000) and it certainly is a significant factor. However speaking to buyers and sellers on a daily basis it has become apparent that while the Government incentive has been a trigger to motivate activity, actually COVID and the time and reflection this has allowed us all, has sealed the deal – particularly for those moving out of more congested areas.

With only 1/3 of the British population currently back in the office, companies forced to adapt to home working and embracing the financial benefits of these adjustments, now offering employees a great deal more flexibility means that people aren’t as tied to city living as they once were.

We are seeing huge amounts of buyers leaving their city lives for the benefit of fresh air, a strong community vibe, fantastic schools and a great deal more space per pound, while still having extremely convenient travel links for work commitments when necessary.

This degree of motivation and lifestyle change, combined with demand way outstripping supply suggests that we can expect for the market to remain steady, if not buoyant for the foreseeable future in this beautiful part of the world.

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