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Uley £650,000

A stunning Grade II listed village house, complete with petrol pumps and plenty of local history!

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Uley £450,000

A village cul-de-sac house with the most fantastic valley views.


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Dursley £395,000

A very generous, extended family home on a popular edge of town estate.

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Woodmancote £385,000

An immaculate family home in a lovely position with the most superb of kitchens.

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Dursley £375,000

A 1930's home full of original charm, well positioned for the amenities of town.

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Dursley £350,000

Our favourite to date - the finest of character homes - a real beauty!

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Uley £325,000

This was a popular one, we could do with six or seven more of these please, such is the demand.

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Woodmancote £225,000

A brilliant first home or downsize property in a lovely spot - we could sell this ten-times over as well!