Keeping everyone safe (update 2022)

While restrictions have diminished, we continue to maintain a Covid-secure policy to protect our staff, clients and customers.

Our priority is that our clients are comfortable having us visit their homes and each client has their own concerns and personal circumstances. While masks are now optional in most public environments please respect if we require you to wear a mask in certain properties.

Our clients expect us to abide by house-rules whether it be wearing a mask, removing our shoes, or not letting the cat out - as you would expect as a guest invited into anyone's home.

Furthermore for the safety of our clients, families and the uninterrupted provision of our day to day business, If you have been experiencing Covid symptoms, have been in contact with someone who is, or have been advised to self-isolate, please refrain from contact with us and our clients until you have either tested negative, or are confident that you are well.

 If you have any questions at all please ask.

(We are really looking forward to removing this page altogether - in the meantime, let's all be kind to each other).