Spring Market

Traditionally spring is regarded as ‘the time’ to market your home for sale; the sun is (perhaps) shining, the days are longer and hope is in the air. The last couple of years have seen unprecedented times, and unprecedented changes to our world, alongside unprecedented demand for property – particularly in these beautiful rural areas.

This demand (and the imbalance between supply and demand) has driven both increased values, and sellers’ reluctance to market their homes for fear of not securing their onward move. Statistics suggest that the boom we’ve been experiencing is easing, although sellers’ are still yet to see enough movement in the market to give them confidence to take the leap…

There are many ways to approach moving house, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’, a successful move hinges on defining a strategy, clear communication, understanding buyer and sellers’ needs, matching people with property and building solid chains.

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